Uplifting and reverent, our wake celebrations give family and friends the chance to come together in a warm, intimate environment – whether it’s within your family home, or at a special venue hand-picked by us.

We also take care to make sure each wake reflects the personality and spirit of the departed loved one, whether they were gregarious and joyful, or quiet and contemplative.

Exequias celebrants can handle any or all of the following elements of your wake:

  • Venue selection, hire and set-up (including crowd flow and comfort)

  • Catering (we specialise in delicious, sharing-style menus)

  • Music, including developing bespoke playlists

  • Shrine placement and styling

  • Hosting, from meeting and seating to farewells

  • Staff, including wait staff and RSA-qualified bartenders

  • Event support (lighting, ambience, volume)

  • Guest transport and safety (ensuring people get home safety)


The shrine.

A unique feature of an Exequias wake, the shrine is a hand-crafted altar that’s placed thoughtfully within the wake venue. Beautifully decorated with crystals, lights, natural totems, photos, sharing cards and candles, the shrine provides a soothing focal point for the event – and it also gives loved ones the chance to share their most treasured memories of the departed.