Imagine hearing the lost voices of your loved ones.

Imagine speaking to your great great grandchildren.

A Time Capsule is a guided recording of a historical life story. It is to be gifted to future generations.

It captures the wisdom of a life, messages and insights that will be treasured family archives from the pre-digital age.


  • Preparation meeting with client in advance

  • Design your own or free-style interview

  • Professionally guided session in person

  • Comfortable studio experience

  • Audio or video file is professionally edited

  • Files supplied on engraved USB or hard drive for safe keeping

Optional: artistic photography, video footage, scribe services, participation & play experts, personalised healing journey processes, choir, prayer, blessings & peace meditations.

*NEW Virtual Reality Tour of your home base and lifestyle. A truly personal interaction for your lineage to embrace forever.

Exequias Licensees are based across the Pacific region. Trained active listeners, death doulas, celebrants, carers, historians and professional guides are now available.

Either in person at our studios located at major city centres, or by appointment in private quarters to conduct interviews.

Enquiries 1300 904 559.

Your memoirs are meaningful. 

Buy this for yourself or as a gift for an older relative. If a loved one is terminal - there is no doubt this experience will be of benefit beyond this lifetime.

The magic of storytelling with this timeless interaction cuts through the clutter to carve out something powerful and important.

Oral historian Alena Turley has composed a simple step by step process for you to express what matters with ease.


Why not get this done today?

This gift assists people to let go. Giving people the time, space and directives to explore what they wish to leave behind is spiritually healing and empowering.

The price list starts at $99 for a basic uncut audio interview online. Clients receive a 52 question document to follow some inspiration and some light guidance for this basic exploration.

For a more lengthy edited presentation including preparation calls and deeper support, our price list will be provided individually.

Also available are options to have video footage, a photo collage, moving music and golden memories are brought to life.

Family interviewers (children) can be introduced as a deeper way to bring connection into place - with everyone involved.