A wake is a special time when loved ones gather to honour and celebrate a person’s life – and for some of us, it’s an occasion we really don’t want to miss out on!

This is where Living Wakes come in. These unique events offer people an alternative to a traditional wake; one that they can actually be part of.

While Exequias’ Living Wakes contain the same key elements as our usual Wakes (venue selection, catering, music and so on), the key difference is that a Living Wake is designed in collaboration with someone while they’re still alive. And rather than happening after you’re gone, a Living Wake is held with you the guest of honour.

When creating a Living Wake, an Exequias celebration and ceremony specialist will work closely with you to understand what matters to you most in life, and what kind of celebration you want. From there we develop ideas for an event centred on an appropriate theme.

Your participation is the piece that matters most. Our oral historians can assist in creating a Time Capsule audio file for future generations - as a family gift and process of letting go…

Living Wakes can be as creative and unique as you like – it’s all about coming up with the right idea for you. It can give you a chance to do things you wouldn’t normally get to do at a wake, for example:

  • Thank people who have played a part in your life

  • Express last wishes, private secrets or confessions that you don’t want to keep or carry forward

  • Hear final messages people may have for you

  • Spend time surrounded by the people who love you

  • Enjoy your all-time favourite music, food, drinks and company – all at once!

  • Put together a time capsule for your family to keep for future generations (poems, prayers, gifts)

  • Give your unique personal belongings to specific people

To find out more about a Living Wake, please contact Exequias and we’ll walk you through it.