Our thoughtful ceremonies provide time and space for contemplation – weaving in personal prayers, blessings and quotes, and a professionally guided meditation.  



Uplifting and reverent, our wake celebrations give family and friends the chance to come together in a warm, intimate environment. The purpose of the Wake is to awaken vulnerability and sense of the precious life we have left together. The hand-made Shrine allows for interaction and deeper connection with each other.



By giving family and friends a special keepsake, you can give them lasting reminder of your loved one.


Time Capsule.

Bringing story telling back to life for future generations to benefit from the voice of the past. Create a recording especially crafted for playing ‘later’ - maybe even after you have gone….



Clean Sweep.

After you lose a loved one, it can be hard to adjust to life at home without them. But with our support, you can embrace this time and use it as an opportunity to reflect, consolidate and move forward with positivity and clarity. Every action you take to let go will support everyone to move forward.


Living Wakes.

A wake is a special time when loved ones gather to honour and celebrate a person’s life – and for some of us, it’s an occasion we really don’t want to miss out on! This is where Living Wakes come in. These unique events offer people an alternative to a traditional wake; one that they can actually be part of.