After you lose a loved one, it can be hard to adjust to life at home without them. But with our support, you can embrace this time and use it as an opportunity to reflect, consolidate and move forward with positivity and clarity.

Every action you take to let go will support everyone to move forward.


Exequias works in partnership with Clean Sweep – a team of experts who specialise in transforming home environments to reflect the lives and wishes of the people who live there. Clean Sweep can work with you to carry out a full audit of your house, and determine what’s working, and what may be holding you back.

While always remaining sensitive to your feelings (this is often a tough process to go through), the Clean Sweep experts can provide the support you need to make decisions, and properly release a loved one from your life. The process integrates the globally-recognised KonMari method, which helps you connect with what’s important, and create space for the future you want.

Once your appraisal is complete, Clean Sweep will give you a range of recommendations on how to progress, which may include:

  • Decluttering and culling your possessions

  • Recycle, upcycle and redistribute your pre-loved goods, so they can be given to people who will use and value

  • Disposing of any rubbish responsibly

  • Following ethical and ecologically sound cleaning techniques

A Clean Sweep appraisal takes half a day at a cost of $550. Further support can be arranged if you need it, or you’re welcome to take charge of the plan from there. Either way, this can be an important step that takes you from one phase of your life into the next.

To find out more about Clean Sweep, please contact Exequias and we’ll put you in touch with a consultant.