Funeral Expenses – How To Avoid Hidden Fees


Most people aren’t familiar with the planning or expenses involved in the standard funeral process. In a time of overwhelming grief and sadness it is easy to simply accept what a funeral home advises because there is limited time to conduct any research. When a loved one passes away, it can cause strain and stress on family members to bear the responsibility of organising and paying for a funeral when often the cost breakdown is unclear.

What’s normally included in standard funeral expenses?

Most funeral homes charge a basic fee that includes standard in-house services. Different funeral homes include different services in their basic plans so it’s a good idea to explore thoroughly and ask questions. Essentially the services provided should include a simple funeral plan, shelter for the remains until burial or cremation as well as death certificate and relevant paperwork. Services will vary across funeral homes and the cost of standard plans will depend on what each offer. There are industry standards, so you can expect the most essential aspects of a funeral to be covered in a basic plan.


Beware of hidden fees

Basic funeral plans are called ‘basic’ for a reason and will likely not include services such as transportation of the body, embalming, vehicles for family, caskets, urns and memorial ceremonies to name a few. All of these fees are considered optional expenses and can come with hefty price tags that are often unconsidered at such an emotional time. Additionally, most funeral homes offer a range of upgrades such as fancy caskets, memorial cards, music and decorations designed to encourage families to spend more than they need to. Hidden fees can add thousands to an already expensive exercise.

Package deals

Many funeral homes offer package deals that may seem like a good idea at such a sensitive time. A deal sounds like an easy, reasonable option and may include all the services needed, but often when broken down, the services included may not compare to regular pricing and rates may have been altered to seem like the deal is more of a bargain that it actually is. A package deal limits the choice of the client and often leads to them paying more and receiving less.

What is the Exequias difference?

At Exequias we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency with our clients. Our process begins with an initial consultation with the aim to educate the family on all options available and plan out the complete experience. This consultation can take anywhere from half a day to a whole day to complete with a team of three professional, highly experienced and compassionate Exequias team members. The team will work holistically with the family to ensure the best rates are established and create a funeral that is not just a farewell, but a powerful celebration that perfectly encapsulates the individual. The end result is a detailed, obligation free, transparent plan that ensures every element is taken care of, laying a wonderful foundation for the funeral of a loved one.

Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation and experience the unique Exequias method.


Jules Stenton