Changing the Funeral industry

How competition and technology are shaking up an exploitative business

Few things in life are certain, but death is one of them. Not many of us choose how we die, but we can choose what happens afterwards. Most of us will leave this up to loved ones who, in an emotional and overwhelmed state, usually outsource the decision to a funeral home or religious institution. More often than not, there is a severe lack of choices available and the options that are accessible are all at exorbitant prices often leaving grief stricken families in financial ruin.

In Australia, the average funeral costs upwards of $12,000 and in almost all states, families have put up with these excessive prices because of a lack of better options. Death and funerals are an unfamiliar experience for most people and usually the loved ones left organising the last rites are pointed in the direction of a standard funeral home or church, both of which have many limitations, inflated expenses and only offer bundled service packages.

Do I have to go through a funeral home or religious organisation?

Trying to organise an independent funeral service can seem impossible. Due to the often ‘institutional’ nature of the current industry, most businesses won’t allow an individual hire a hearse independently, they are forced into a complete contract which also includes the chapel or casket. The Founder of Exequias Funerals Monique Jowsey has had this exact experience in the past, “This is supposed to be a community service and if you can’t fit into their system you are sent to see the Church which then forces a person into the local religious framework.”

Organising a funeral shouldn’t be as difficult or expensive as it has become.

At last, a new wave of businesses, such as Exequias Funerals, are aiming to challenge what they claim can be an exploitative and somewhat oppressive industry by offering other more affordable services and promoting alternative solutions to the bereaved. These companies are hoping to pave the way and show Australians that they do not need to be forced into the limited and outrageously expensive options currently available and make it more widely known that alternatives are available to them if they desire.

How is Exequias different to the others?

Exequias was born out of the fact that our founder had become disgruntled with the state of the current funeral industry due to her own poor experiences. Our aim is to work holistically with our clients, promoting freedom of choice and allowing access to a variety of alternative services to create a bespoke celebration of life. Our process begins with an initial consultation which will educate the family on the options Exequias offers and then plan out the complete experience to the last detail. We can be involved in as little or as many aspects as of the service as needed, above all we help and support the family and ensure the best rates are established upfront, creating an experience that is more than just a farewell.


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Monique Jowsey