Saying Goodbye

Ponder the feeling we get when someone close passes away. 

There are gaping holes of emotional release and a solid mesh of disorientation can distort what is important. 

It can also be very calming and settling in a way – as life re-sorts itself and we review the placement of personal timings and how things will be carried forward.  There are life benefits to these transitions that can’t be described or predicted.  The mystery of spiritual movements remain unchartered.

Being aware of your day to day life affairs right now can assist the process of dying for everyone.  As a bright young adult or a cruising along elder, the result is going to be the same.  Whether it happens tomorrow or in many years, the inevitability is generally unspoken of.

Taking a moment to note your wishes for ‘when’ you die is a spiritually mature action to take.  It is a caring virtuous thing to do.  The value of deciding how things will be done at the end of your life is immeasurable.  It provides positive impact for other people. 

Is it time for you to create a message for your family that will be found after you go?  Imagine being the person who creates an experience for others as a surprise.  How much energy do you feel when you think about this unique concept?  There is a creative planning process that is available for this phase in life that supports a step by step journey of letting go. 

Monique Jowsey