Holistic end of life guidance, unique wakes and funerals.

Handled with care, connection and creativity.

At Exequias, we believe the design of wakes and funerals can be so much more – they provide us with a rare opportunity to consider what matters most, find inspiration for the future, and move forward with positivity. These one-off Life Events can be crafted into re-unions and collaborations that can possible change the future.



Move through this time with support by your side.

While planning a funeral is always an emotional experience, it doesn’t have to be stressful or lonely. At Exequias, our expert celebrants can provide all the guidance you need to embrace this moment in time and create a life event that’s both moving and uplifting.


Our experts can coordinate every detail.

From deeply personal ceremonies, to wakes and mementos, Exequias can coordinate every aspect of a funeral experience. Our funeral celebrants across Australia have all received in-depth specialised training, and we work closely with our clients to make a challenging time more empowering. From invitations to catering and music, it’s all taken care of.


Unique rituals to make the experience more personal.

Exequias can bring a new level of creativity and contemplation to a funeral experience through details like our handmade shrines, and personalised mementos. For family and friends, this offers an opportunity to commemorate a loved one’s life in a very special way. 


Giving clients emotional and practical support.


Find inspiration for the future, and move forward with positivity.

A unique ritual to make the experience more personal.

Australia’s only network of specially trained funeral specialists.


Join the Exequias team.

If you’re an experienced celebrant or industry professional experienced in caring for others, we would love to hear from you. To learn more, please get in touch.